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A group congregates in a deconsecrated 13th century chapel in the rural village of Terraube, France.


An experiment in collaborative improvised storytelling for camera made with workshop participant as part of the ongoing collaborative art and film project by theatre company OBRA and the filmmakers at VIDEOfeet


CAST: Hanna Björk, Jordan Veda Ashley Brown, Nadia Clavel Perez, Rö Herrero, Hannah Jakeman, Roxanne Klimaszewska, Sarah Ogoe, Ed Richards, Stacey Johnstone, Melanie Tanneau, Josune Velez de Mendizabal, Lizzy Whynes.

RESIDENCY LED BY: Rhian Desborough, Kate Hannah Papi, Oliviero Papi, Matt Smith

DIRECTED BY: Kate Hannah Papi & Matt Smith
PRODUCERS: Kate Hannah Papi, Rhian Desborough (UK Producer)
DP/EDITOR: Matt Smith

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