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EX_SITU is an ongoing collaborative art and film project by theatre company OBRA and the filmmakers at VIDEOfeet. The artists began their collaboration to investigate how the techniques and crafts of film and theatre can inform one another, to facilitate a shared practice and nurture the specific artistic practices of OBRA and VIDEOfeet. 
EX_SITU invites communities to (re)discover the abandoned architectural sites of their heritage, exploring the cultural, historical and personal traces found in abandoned or forgotten buildings and asks what impact this can have on shaping collective memory and imagined futures.
The resulting films, although eclectic in style and aesthetic, are created following specific artistic principles; that all artistic choices are made with no preconceived ideas or approach, to encounter the architecture as the main protagonist for creation. All development, pre-production and filming are often completed over an intensive period, with all physical actions and texts generated on-site as a direct creative response. No artificial lighting is to be added and the sound design is sourced from recordings made in-situ. The architecture designates how the film will be framed and each film's aspect ratio is dictated by the intrinsic qualities of each site.
EX_SITU invites diverse groups ranging from professionals to students and community groups to engage in a collaborative process for the creation of the films. If you are interested in developing a project with us then please do contact us for more information.
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